AIMEX Article – Mining Monthly September 2011

AIMEX Article - Mining Monthly September 2011


These patented Hiload truck bodies have that handy mix of being durable yet light weight.

According to DT Australia, the truck bodies offer unique and cost-saving features for enhanced performance including:

  • Curved, rather than conventional “square”, body design for increased capacity and strength, combined with lower weight, increased efficiency and productivity;
  • Constructed using a flexible, hard-wearing steel plate developed for DT Australia; and
  • Body volume is sized to material density and mine specific parameters.

“Numerous benefits result from using our truck bodies, including increased efficiency and productivity, and payload advantages in any mining application,” DT representative Nada Velemir said.

“Our key advantages include reduced body weight, wear and maintenance reductions, and improved durability and reliability.”

The Hercules’ uniquely, engineered design also meant extra capacity and enhanced stability and dumping, Velemir said.

“These bodies offer a simplified single- shovel target area for loading, while optimal axle weight distribution reduces rock spillage and tyre wear, with wear on front tyres in particular substantially lower compared with conventional truck bodies,” she said.

“In addition, our unique wear management strategy ensures that the body weight does not increase over the life of the body, maintaining maximum payload advantage.”

Maintenance downtime also is reduced, as the Hercules’ design enables individual panels to be easily replaced when damaged.

“Hercules bodies also result in increased safety during both maintenance and operation, as well as a lower environmental impact through reduced fuel consumption producing fewer emissions,” Velemir said.

Hercules truck bodies are custom made to specific mine requirements, and can fit all truck models.

DT Australia is featuring its Perth- manufactured Hercules dump truck bodies on Stand H1191 during AIMEX.

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