DT HiLoad – Driving Innovation & Cost Effective Project Impact (International Resources Journal)

DT Hiload Driving InnovationWhen asked about the company’s increasing product popularity, particularly in tricky-to-manage hard rock mining, Lang says that in a word, it’s all about innovation driven by productivity.

“A lot of the mines that were previously negative about innovation and change are now prepared to consider a lightweight heavy duty body, like ours, a high performance body. Quite a few players in the market who previously weren’t interested by taking the leap to innovation and getting the extra payload are now doing so,” he explains.

“The reality is that you don’t need that many extra tonnes on each load in order to get an acceptable payback on your investment. Often you could throw a brand new tray away and put our tray on and still get an acceptable return.”

In outlining the basic value-adding opportunities presented by DT HiLoad products, it becomes clear quite how crucial this turn towards open innovation could prove to be in the wider mining cost context. Luckily, this company is at hand to ensure that the haulage portion is well-catered to……….

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