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DT Product ExcellenceTake this typical minesite scenario: There’s a truck cycle time of one hour and each truck carries 200 tonnes. If each truck could take another 20 tonnes —220 tonnes per cycle—completing 5,500 hour cycles per year, it is a saving of 110,000 tonnes more material for each individual truck making its way to and from the processing plant. It isn’t rocket science, it is just basic economics, but what exactly might it take to make this simple, highly desirable equation a reality?………..

“The main advantage that drives the economics and gives us our unique selling feature is that our body is a heavy duty, lightweight body. Because our body weighs less than the competitors, the end result of that is our customers get 10—15 per cent more payload in their trucks and they don’t fall to bits in hard rock.”

There is that desirable equation once more, and Lang says that resultantly, someone could actually throw away a brand new tray, replace it with a DT HiLoad Australia Hercules product and still enjoy an economic investment. Of course, the benefits don’t end there……….

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