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Growing, Perfecting and Raising Expectations

The Hercules dump truck body is flexible in construction, and  allows dump trucks to realize their payload capacities in all material from coal to iron ore. The design also allows for it to be retrofitted to existing fleets as well as new truck models. For mines, utilising the Hercules body  means greater productivity, safer hauling, and lowered operating costs….

DT Australia’s success can also be credited to their raising of industry expectations. “I think with dump truck bodies – and I honestly believe it’s partly due to the work that DT Australia has done within this country – we’ve certainly made the mines aware that they can get more payload out of their haul trucks than what was the norm. Companies are looking at alternative bodies rather than the OEM  bodies and there’s a definite trend for more productivity out of the equipment they’re using.”

The future seems wide open to DT Australia, and they are currently measuring their options. In the meantime, they have invested internally, improving their manufacturing plant in Perth. There they have state-of-the-art plasma cutting equipment, welding equipment, and one of the largest rolling machines in the whole southern hemisphere. “We’ve investigated different ways of improving the business, becoming more efficient and improving productivity,” Turner says……


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