Hercules Open Cut Body

Hercules Open Cut Body

Hercules TrayDT HiLoad’s Hercules body is a heavy duty, lightweight, durable, dump truck tray designed to suit all OEM makes and models. Our uniquely engineered and patented design is made entirely from a flexible and hard wearing steel plate.

The Hercules is a high performance dump truck body, which has many unique and cost saving features that enhance the performance of haul trucks. Replacing conventional square bodies with a Hercules tray will increase your mine productivity and bottom line profitability.

The heavy duty design of DT Hercules trays provides outstanding wear resistance with the unique panel construction greatly reducing down time. The Hercules’ unique floor sheets are curved, stronger and more durable, resulting in numerous benefits to mining companies. All our engineering designs, tray enhancements and our rich knowledge base have developed over the 17 year evolution of the Hercules, which is now produced as our Phase X body. Finite Element Analysis Models and field based Strain Gauge Tests are used to prove the high performance of our body.

Benefits At A Glance

Hercules Trays are used all over the World

DT Trays are used all over the World

DT HiLoad’s Hercules Dump Truck Tray delivers reliability, durability and efficiency.

  • Lighter weight body – increased payloads.
  • Heavy duty and durable, with reduced wear – longer life, less downtime due to maintenance.
  • Custom designed – mine specific, fits all truck makes & models.
  • Environmental – reduced fuel usage per tonne, reduced emissions.
  • Unique Wear Management Program – maintains tray strength without adding extra weight, ensuring maximum payload advantage is retained.
  • Improved dumping qualities reducing delivery time and dozer clean up.
  • Outstanding load retention lessening rock spillage and grader clean up.

We offer customers a high performance body which has a proven history and can be found operating in mining applications all over world. There are over 3000 DT bodies globally. Allow us to demonstrate the benefits – increase your mine productivity and bottom line profitability with a Hercules body!

For further information on DT HiLoad’s Hercules Dump Truck Body, please send us an email on info@dthiload.com


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