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DT Australia Dump Truck Bodies Sales, Service & MaintenanceDT HiLoad offers comprehensive and varied levels of after sales service to suit your needs. We warrant our products, undertake wear measurements and are able to provide teams to repair damage if required.

We are able to organise service agreements, or offer our MARC Program (Maintenance and Repair Contract).

Services include onsite capability with containerised facilities. Our service staff are factory trained at our manufacturing facility and equipped with all the necessary skills, attitude to safety and experience to provide a complete service for the Hercules products.

DT HiLoad’s service support can provide the following;

  • After sales service contract to service the body for an agreed period of time.
  • Supervision or a team to help support the installation of the Hercules body on the truck.
  • Floor wear measurement and body inspections to monitor the condition of the tray.
  • Carry out body repair work on the Hercules products.
  • Advise on operating issues relating to loading and dumping which may reduce material haulage cost.

Our service benefits mining companies and contractors with varying fleet sizes by:

  • Reducing equipment downtime with rapid response
  • Improves site safety – right tool for the right job
  • Reducing maintenance costs, compared to other trays (50% on some projects).

If you would like further information on after sales service that DT HiLoad provides, please send us an email on

Remote Support

DT HiLoad has an authorised Service Centre in the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, service relationships with associate companies and manufacturing facilities on the East Coast of Australia. Containerised workshops are utilised to provide service bases in more remote areas such as Africa. The Hercules body is low maintenance and not difficult to maintain and most mine sites rely on service and advice from our Perth operation. We can tailor a solution to suit your particular mine site.


Hercules Dump Truck Body MaintenanceThe life of a tray body is a direct function of the operating environment and the level of maintenance undertaken.

By employing simple maintenance procedures that include regular body inspections and wear measurements, the basic wear maintenance strategy will maximise the life of the floor and maintain the body weight at or below its commissioning weight.

There are four categories of body maintenance:

  • Regular Inspection
  • Wear Management
  • Maintenance of welds and body components
  • Damage Repair

Regular Inspection

This can be done when the truck is having other standard service checks such as, refuelling or servicing.

Wear Management

Please refer to our Wear Management section for information about our Wear Management Program. Unlike traditional body wear maintenance, our program isn’t as costly or time consuming and has minimal disruption to the payload of your fleet.

Maintenance of Welds and Body Components

Inspection of all welds and body components should be conducted on a regular basis to ensure that no cracks appear in the welded joints. If cracks are visible, service staff will determine why these are occurring. Is there an underlying reason for the cracking or are they caused by situations such as impact damage at the loading site. DT HiLoad’s Hercules body is uniquely engineered and designed to be made entirely from a flexible, hard wearing steel plate. The Hercules trays are more durable and forgiving than conventional rigid, square trays and will absorb more easily the shock load from impact, thus reducing damage.

Damage & Repair

The unique panel construction of the DT Hercules body is quicker and less expensive to repair than conventional square box trays which have extensive buttressing. Common accidents such as shovel contact can lead to considerable downtime for fleets but the Hercules body construction reduces this repair time dramatically.

Wear Management

DT Wear ManagementDT HiLoad has revolutionised body wear maintenance for the mining industry with its Wear Management Program. Traditionally, wear maintenance by using liner plates has been costly, time consuming and reduced the payload of the fleet.

At DT HiLoad we can offer on-going support for the life of our Hercules Haul Truck Body, including a Wear Management Program targeted to dramatically reduce the body operating cost. Our Wear Management Program also ensures that the body’s light weight is maintained throughout its operating life and the floor thickness is maintained above a desirable level, normally 15mm.

The Wear Management Program is a combination of measuring the floor at intervals of three to four times per year and down loading the measurements into a software program which produces wear maps. The wear map will determine the shape of the area to be protected, and the colour bands in the map will determine the thickness of the wear liners to be installed. The wear liners are provided in varying thicknesses and the pattern of the liners within the area to be covered is predetermined by installation templates. The initial pattern on the body tail can be extended forward on the floor incrementally as determined by the wear rate.

By employing simple maintenance procedures that include regular body inspections and wear measurements, the basic wear maintenance strategy will maximise the life of the floor and maintain the Hercules’ body weight at or below its commissioning weight.

In extreme environments floors can wear away and because of the simple modular design of DT HiLoad’s Hercules bodies, entire tail area floor plates can easily be replaced.

Overall, our Wear Management Program is less costly and lowers truck downtime. Our wear liners can be installed quickly during scheduled truck maintenance. This ease also increases safety levels for staff servicing the Hercules tray.

If you would like further information on DT HiLoad’s Wear Management Program, please send us an email at

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