Technical Information

Technical Information

DT Australia Dump Truck Manufacturer InformationAt DT HiLoad, our dedicated engineering department works with state of the art design programs to stay abreast of continuous innovation and technological advancements within our field.

Extensive research and development is invested into continually developing and improving the Hercules Body. We are now manufacturing a Phase IX body whose performance in mining applications all over the world is proving to be first class.

Apart from operational feedback gained from operating over a 1000 bodies around the world, DT HiLoad also gains design insights from computer modelling and live field trials.

DT HiLoad utilises 3D CAD software for design of all products. 3D CAD allows our engineers to explore every aspect of a design down to the millimetre, ensuring the product works first time every time.

We also utilise full Non Linear Finite Element Analysis (FEA). FEA uses powerful computers to realistically simulate the stresses in our products before they are implemented in the field. This analysis technique allows our engineers to ensure the design is sufficiently strong in the required areas whilst remaining light weight and durable.

We only use industry leading tools in design and analysis, ensuring the highest accuracy of simulation.

Both 3D CAD and FEA are used as part of our ongoing product development programs to further improve the durability and reduce the weight of our current products, whilst also developing revolutionary new products. These continual improvement projects ensure that DT HiLoad is an industry leader in mining suppliers when it comes to light weight body design.

We have a wide variety of technical information that is available by emailing us at

Varied topics are available including; information on bodies or trays for off highway mining trucks, wear and maintenance strategies, expectations of dump truck bodies, services offered by DT HiLoad and many more.

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